a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another

I was always against that #teamnaturalhair bullshit. 
I believe that black people always try to divide each others and every time I was in the mix of such debate, I would always get mad at how #teamnaturalhair would, in my opinion look down on  #teamrelaxedhair and always, in some way try to pursue them to ''switch team''. 
 I got my hair relaxed at 6 years old. 
My mom was tired of fighting with my annoying self to comb my hair and decided to perm it.
She would always put oil in my hair and with time, it actually grew veryyyy long. 
She then decided that I was old enough to do it myself and that's when everything went WRONG. 
Growing up, I was always adventurous with my hair (side shaved, dry afro, braids, pixie cut, etc.)
 but never really took care of it. What mattered to me was how it looked and not how healthy it was.
After, I discovered the power of the weave, I became ADDICTED with the creamy crack !!! 
I couldn't deal with seeing my hair nappy and would do a touch up as soon as they were starting to ''act up''. 

As I was becoming a fitness lover, going to the gym 4 times a week with a perm on was starting to be a MAJOR problem for me and it really became a breaking point.

In January, I decided to transition
I didn't do it because of role models such as Solange or because I was pressured by society.
I honestly just wanted to understand both sides of the argument and make the BEST decision for myself. 
I was not influenced by anything although one of my close #teamnaturalhair friend was THRILLED that I had finally understood what she had been trying to tell me all these months....

(Some of the products I use...Will talk about it soon on the blog)

Soon enough, I became OBSESSED with natural vloggers and would spend hours looking for informations and treatments to make my hair strong again.


But I have come to realize that I was totally addicted to how my hair would look ALL THE TIME and just needed to reconnect with my REAL SELF.
Looking back at my relaxed hair days makes me want to get a relaxer SO BAD. Let's just see for how long i'll be able to say NO. 

Follow me on my journey as I go crazy watching youtube tutorial videos about transitioning !
And feel free to give me advices on how to take care of my hair 

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