What Lupita Oscar Acceptance speech should really mean to us.

 I come from an African immigrant family. My dad, playa playa of the century, met my mother, a reserved woman fresh out of nuns school. They married and moved to Canada in hope for their children to get the highest education possible.

Growing up, as my parents were trying to be flexible with rules concerning me going out, one thing was crystal clear: Everything that had to do with school was non-negotiable.
What a shock they had the day I told them that my goal was not to be a lawyer any more but rather to compete with the Fashion Editors of this world in order to be recognized for my creativity and determination #mymomwentnuts #howtopissofafricanparents
 Watching Lupita's acceptance speech on Sunday made me realized that it was relevant to many especially immigrants. Many of us can relate having parents forcing us to study a certain field when our heart is really somewhere else... 
To them, she did not only say that dreams can be validated, but she PROUDLY showed us what stepping out of the box and making risky decisions can look it #freshoutofschool #oscarwinner 
Looking at my room today makes me reflect on the many times I doubted myself and my field of study. Many times I felt like running to the ''safer'' life choice.

They say that if your dream is not scary enough, it means that it's not big enough and listening to Lupita made me realize that my risky choice can also be validated. I, can also be the exception to the rule and so we could all be.

Like my dad used to say, ''there are moments in life when you will fall, but remember that you will get up, yes hurt, but stronger, wiser and ready to conquer the world more than ever''.
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 Spending a month and a half not blogging was an ABSOLUTE eye opener for me.
I decided to take a break to really focus on how to innovate myself back again and really make a list of things and goals to accomplish this year.

My blog is turning 2 in a month or so and I am EXTREMELY proud of all the opportunities that came across my path last year... SS14 NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, EUH HELLO!!!! but enough of the talking, let's focus on REALLY being about that life !!!!! #motto #aboutthatlife #noawardsfordat #trophies

Thrifted Coat
S.P Badu Wool Hat 
Zara Turtleneck
H&M Vegan Leather Pants
Aldo Rise Booties 

Special thanks to Nellyboo for the pictures ;)

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Preen X Aldo Rise

Quick post about my favorite shoes of the moment: The Preen X Aldo Rise Patchwork Heels from FW12 !
I cannot even express the joy inside my heart when I got my hands on these beauties.

This outfit was taking during a casual day at the office! 

Urban Outfitters Leather Jacket
Vintage Diesel Shirt stolen from a friend (LOL)
Zara overalls 
Preen X Aldo Rise Shoes 

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Toronto x VSCO Cam. 2014

People following my Instagram (@thefashionistak) know how obsessed I am with the VSCO CAM app. 
It just gives this old school feel to your pictures and truly captures the real essence of what a memory is. 

Leaving you on pictures taken this weekend in Toronto, Canada. 
Happy back to school ;) 

Penfield Fedora
Zara Coat 
H&M Gloves and Scarf
Mango Bag 
Aldo x Rise Boots 

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