Ghubar Magazine: Re-inventing Fashion

So, I was blogging one day and a flyer caught my attention. So minimalistic but yet very intriguing and it immediately made me want to know more about GHUBAR? I was so surprise to see how amazing that online magazine was that I had to reach out to Manik Jones, the Marketing Responsible of GHUBAR Mag to explain me more about that concept and here's what we had to tell us...

'' GHUBAR is an online fashion magazine which mainly concentrates in high-couture. It's been 2 years since the magazine is now online and we are currently working on diverse directions to make it even more polyvalent. We are also planing on printing it in the near future. For now, there is currently over 80 000 views on the website and we are concentrating on raising that number up by always having big names on our covers such as Bridget Jones  (Jay-Z's artist) and an upcoming interview with Asap Rocky''. 

I was already so excite to see the ad, and died even more when I checked their 35th Magazine edition . High-Fashion at its best...


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