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Hello readers !
This is my first beauty bar post and I hope i'll do more of them in the future.
Sooo, yesterday, I went on a mission to find me make up that would give me that natural Solange Knowles sunkiss glow and here is what I found...

I was always a big fan of MAC Foundation until I started to take care of my skin with Ambi Products.
I was looking for a mid coverage that could let my natural skin glow and PhotoReady by Revlon was the BEST PICK. Found my Cappuccino Color at Walt-Mart for 16.98$ !

My concealer is now the Maybelline Fit color 30.
It is a little bit lighter than my foundation annd this gives me the ''awake'' look and is gorgeous on pictures. 9.99$ at Jean-Coutu! 

No sunkiss glow can be completed without a shiny bronzer! This is the new extra dimension skinfinish from MAC that I spotted in the store and I LOVE IT!! All the glow comes on your cheekbones and illuminates your face. A SUMMER MUST-HAVE 

Since I gave back 6 MAC products that were done (yeah, I am addicted), I got to choose a lipstick and went for the PINK NOUVEAU since ALL my coworkers would wear it to work. Note: If you have dark skin like mine, please dont pass it more then twice otherwise you would look like a wanna be Nicki Minaj lol 

Complete the look with a Cherry Bronzer from MAC and Voluminous Mascara from l'Oreal !

And here is the final look while partying the night away ! Enjoy ! 

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