Citizen Vintage ::: Montreal

I remember when I first discovered 'Vintage Shopping'. I would blow my pay check up at Village des Valeurs to come back home with tons of vintage clothes (yeah, I was crazy like that, lol) 

Having many friends who master the art of vintage shop ( Salut Robin ! loll ), I decided to go in depth of different stores in Montreal who offer exclusif and sometimes designer pieces of vintage clothing

Citizen Vintage in Montreal, offers an amazing selection of Vintage for man and woman and while checking their facebook page (which is updated very frequently), I saw different pieces that caught my attention....

I am a FAN of blouses and these are just GORGEOUS. The left one is so romantic while the right one reminds me of the vintage Versace blouse prints
Love this minimalistic coat, was sold out when I saw the picture...

The only sad thing is that they do not do cosigning or buy from previous owners for those who have a business mind lol but they do offer stylist/borrow services ... other than that it is DEFINITELY A MUST-GO in Montreal 

5330 St. Laurent Boulevard Montreal, QC (Directions: Metro Laurier OR #55 Bus) 

(514) 439-2774 

Lundi- Mercredi: 12-18h
Jeudi - Vendredi: 12-19h 
Samedi: 12-17h 
Dimanche: 12-17h 

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