EddyNPizzle ::: Pop-up Shop May 5th

Here is my first interview with one of the brands that will be attending the Pop-Up Shop May 5th : Eddy N' Pizzle

What is Eddy n Pizzle?
Ednp clothing is an urban retro brand created by 2 passionate twin brother.

How did everything started?
We started doing airbrush, while in high school, back in 2005.
Then, we've decided to create an official clothing line. We produced numerous fashion events, our most recent ones was for The HEC university, for the Japan relief. Another one was introducing platinum
artist Drake in Canada back in 2008.

What is your company's philosophy?
EDNP's clothing goal is to deliver fashion with a positive message for the
youth. The brand donated thousands of dollars to organisms in the
community that has a direct impact to young kids future. Every single
piece we produce projects a message that emphasizes our quote "Youth is
the future" ( a description is always available on the product tag online , if not on the product itself ).

Where can we get the clothes?
Ednp is currently available in a small skate hop boutique called " Rollin",
the shop is located in Montreal, 2500 Rue Moreau. The shop is near a
skate park where the young clientele is really responsive to fashion, and
emphasize on funky colors, images,quotes, flashy accessories, rock/pop rap
music etc.

We also have our online shop (www.eddynpizzle.com/shop)

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