Tinie Tempah::: Disturbing London Collection

After behind crowned Best Dressed Male in UK, my favourite eye-candy Tinie Tempah launched a line called Disturbing London in UK stores Selfridges (which is the equivalent to our Holt Renfrew here in Montreal)

While doing the Selfridge interview, Tinie says :

 Accessories are very important and you’ll always judge a man by his shoes and his watch. Take pride in those things; I try to make sure that if my shoes aren’t new, they’re clean. I use baby wipes on my shoes, that’s a secret for you. I think the most important tip of all is to express who you are - you don’t speak to everybody you meet so your clothes convey your personality. Don’t be shy with it. Go crazy.”

To be honest, I had to watch the video twice because of his gorgeous accent (these British boys tho..gosh)
Enjoy ;)

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