TKLR Vintage Shop::: Pop-Up Shop May 5th

Here's my interview with one brand that will be attending the Pop-Up Shop May 5th: TKLR Vintage

What is TKLR vintage shop ? 
TKLR is an online vintage clothing shop for men and women that specializes in luxury brands and customization

How did such an idea started ? 
I have been into thrifting/vintage clothes/fashion in general for a few years now and when I came back from Belgium I was inspired by some thrift stores in Brussels and decided to create my own shop with my own selection.

Why is your shop different from other vintage shops ? 
I personally choose each piece, so I guess my taste makes the difference. ah !
What does the future hold for your company ? 
A whole motherfucking lot!!!!

(Here is a sneak peak of their new photoshoot... Stay tuned)

Thanks to Robin ! Follow him on twitter@RobDillaa / www.facebook.com/tklrvintageshop

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