Fashionista of the week ::: Minnie Seibt Berlin and London

Fashionista of the week: 
Minnie Seibt 

Name: Minnie Seibt
Age: 20

Fashion to me is not only a way of expressing yourself and what you are from the inside, it is a way of life. Its passion, obsession and love. You need to live it through out all aspects of your life.

My personal style:
I cannot define my style in one word. I like to wear all kind of stuff. Oversized shirts and sweater as well as Maxi skirts are some of my favorites. I am a real summer girl so I probably wear more dresses than trousers. My style is unique. Varies from cool, casual pieces to very classic, glamorous very feminine cuts and bright colors! I love bold colors especially in winter to be a contrast to the grey platform the world turns into during that season. Still, I love wearing black and grey especially for formal occasions or fashion events and meetings. I normally dress according to how I feel like. I never prepare what to wear the next day, it all happens the day I'm out and about to the occasion and also depending my mood. Most important is to feel comfortable with what I am wearing, because only when I'm confident on the inside can I be confident on the outside.

My inspiration:
My biggest inspiration in fashion is my 'alter ego' Olivia Palermo. To me she is a walking catwalk! Always classy and no one knows how to combine gowns with accessories as Olivia.
When it comes to designers , I most get inspired by Matthew Williamson. I love the strong, bold colors that his collections always revolve around. For S/S 12 collection he even more mixed all the color palette which gives this seasons pieces a less extravagant touch yet presents them as gorgeous as always and very sexy! In his use of fabrics, great quality is reflected and his designs are always caressing the female body! That just reflects my personal style any many aspects. I am also a big fan of Chanel, but who isn't? It is just this classic look that I like, the simplicity of black and white in a range of bags and gowns. Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin are my favorites when it comes to footwear. Their creations always fascinate me in a great deal as I am obsessed with high heels.

Photo 3 H&M blazer
Bershka black shirt
H&M mini skirt
Asos scarf - Banana print
Three finger roses ring - Primark
Wine colored Primark oversize clutch
Sunglasses - Primark
New Look leopard print loafers and New Look hat

Photo 1 Vintage coat
H&M black blazer
H&M black skirt
H&M grey wool hat
Bershka black lace shirt
Feather necklace by nelly.com
Snake snake like bag from boohoo.com
14cm plateau heels from boohoo.com

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