Summer Make up tutorial::: Orange lips, White eyes

I am a CRAZY fan of MAC and any occasion is good for me to buy a new lipstick
I bought 2 months ago Chili from MAC (burned Orange) after seeing one of my style icon, Solange Knowles, pulling that look off...

So I tried and while wearing it, I felt like there was a Omphh missing....

So I looked up online and found that underlining the eye with a white eyeshadow or pencil will open up your eyes...

And here is the result ! I LOVE IT. I won't be using this technique everyday since I am not really an eyeshadow girl but I CANNOT wait to try it with some nude lips just to see the contrast !

Annabel Pencil for Brows
Maybelline Mascara
White MAC eyeshadow
Maybelline FIT Concealer
Revlon Photo Ready (Cappuccino) Foundation
MAC Bronzer 
MAC Chili Orange Lipstick 

Enjoy !