Hot Yoga Session :: Enso Yoga Montreal

Enso Yoga is a 50/50 based business which reinvests 50% of its profits in causes that empower women. After its Grand opening in April 2012, Enso Yoga has over 60 classes that each brings a new level of yoga experience in downtown Montreal.

I had the opportunity to experience a free Hot yoga session with the Enso Yoga crew in Montreal downtown. I have to admit that I was very apprehensive and scared to suffocate in front of experts (thank God it did not happen ) !

The ambiance was SO welcoming and the staff was incredibly friendly to us...
All that wood made us feel like we were in a sanctuary in the heart of the city!  
(which was kind of the case...lol)

The toilets made me feel like I was in a spa

This was the aftermath of an 1h30 session with Allison who absolutely knew what she was doing and well equipped to guide me and my friend through the class. She made me motivated about coming back.

My skin was looking smooth and clean ! Amazing experience !
Get an unlimited one week session for 20$ or a monthly subscription at 75$ 

For the quality of the location, the amazing staff and the experience of the teacher, these prices are TOTALLY worth it. 
Thanks once again to the team !

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