Montreal Fashion Night Out ::: Recap

Yesterday was a BIG night for me as I managed to see as much as possible of the first edition of Fashion Night Out in Montreal. To be honest, I was AMAZINGLY surprised at how people dressed up for the event to show the world that they were in love with Fashion. The old port was crowed from mini-fashionistas to the guru ones and the ambiance was more than festive

My first stop was at the Ssense boutique on 90, St-Paul street. The staff welcomed us with beverages and a DJ that was in his musical zone. I had the chance to ACTUALLY SEE what I was contemplating online for so long and touch the different fabrics of clothing (creepy, yeah, I know...)


That Givenchy joint is TO DIE FOR. 

I also met with the lovely Pauline, assistant-manger at Ssense who took the time to chit-chat with me about some issues about what is the concept of Sssense, Montreal's position in the fashion industry compare to cities such as New York, etc. Fun times indeed !

Then I made my way to see the last-minute Phillipe Dubuc' presentation on corner Saint-Paul and St-Pierre. We arrived there not knowing what to expect, and after waiting for 25 minutes, the show started. A group of guys made their way on the corner and stayed their compared to the normal old-fashioned runway show where models just walk the run way then come back. It personally, made me focus more on the detailing of the coats since the models were actually not moving.

Video shot with an Iphone (Sorry for the poor quality)

Thanks to the model turning his head after many harassment from my camera (LOL).

We then made our way into Quai 417 hoping to buy those famous Fashion Night Out tshirt but they were already sold out. We got the chance to enjoy the place with real models on the windows and amazing visual presentation everywhere in the store !

Our last stop was the PHI Centre where a little soirée was taking place with people from the industry. Free drinks clearly made everybody happy! Got the chance to catch up with a long time friend, Robin Bruneau, owner of TKLR Vintage.

Great night indeed !

I was wearing:
Simons Boyfriend Cut Blazer
Zara Dress (20$, booyaaaa) !
Jeffrey Campbell Sneaker Wedges 
Neon Cambridge Satchel 

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