New acquisitions::: Mid-September

This week, I went downtown Montreal to look for half-pleather half legging pants but you know what happens when a girl goes in every store to get what she wants: she goes out of it with anything except what she was trully looking for... (story of my life). 

My love for Sneaker Wedges is at his peak... When you already have a black pair, you find every excuse to convince yourself that you also need grey (i'll stop there... fashionistaproblems)

I talked about Baroque on one of my posts in Fashion Trends and fell in love with the Best Baroque Dress List that the September Edition of Harper's Bazaar was presenting to us. When, I randomly found this boy-ish shirt, the love connection was set.

Don't trip if I tell you that it actually cost me 12.99$ (yeah, I know...) *hearing praises in my head*

I am and will always remain an addict of books, real ones (no Ipad lectures please) just because going at Chapters is like an adventure to me and is much more thrilling than browsing into you Ibook...

The September edition of Harper Bazaar's was a must to be because I love looking at expensive looks and create them in my own way with MUCH less budget. 
IN FASHION, is just an inspiring book about how to make yourself a name in the Fashion industry. I believe that everybody interested in Fashion should read it.

Fifty Shades needs no explanation just because ouf... 
(Oh, Christian...)

Enjoy ! 

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