Ghubaring my way to the top :::

My shady self gave the dish on Twitter last week (@thefashionistak) but I decided to make a public announcement like people love to do it (ah!):  
I got the amazing opportunity of becoming the Canadian correspondent of Ghubar Magazine !!!!!!!!! 

I feel blessed to know that somewhere in the world, people truly believe in me ( here she comes with that damn speech...)!
Opportunities like that only give me more motivation to push myself in order not only to make it in the Fashion industry but to remain humble.

Surprisingly, I was a fan of that Paris-based magazine before even having such opportunity ! My third article EVER on my blog was about this fashion forward company
  (Mind refresher)  Beyondthe-lens / Ghubar Article 

I am HONOR to be apart of such innovate team  
More to come from them, more to come from me...
Stay tuned ;)

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