MIH-RWAR Fashion Show::: Lasalle College

I was going through a mini depression when last Montreal Fashion Week, I did not attend the 
Hip and Bone show. (literally...)

While browsing through Facebook, I found this MIH-RWAR fashion show who was showcasing designers from Montreal such as Hip and Bone, Anomal Couture, Melissa Nepton, Martin Lim, Pedra Karimi, Phillipe Dubuc, This ILK and Elissa C. Rossow. 

 I knew I had to be on that Media list but with midterms in full effect, I realized that I needed to make a choice I decided to place my priorities and focus on school.

One thing this blog made me learn is to delegate things that you cannot do yourself. I am a CONTROL FREAK when it has to do with ''things being done'' but I am EXTREMELY glad that I gave a little trust to my friend to find me a photographer for this event.

The concept was amazing and I liked the selection of designers. Mixing fluid brands such as Martin Lim with hard leather like Hip and Bone was very clever. 

Pictures from Rihanna Reynolds
Taken with an Iphone 5

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