Smile for that camera giiiirl ::: OOTD

 Heyyyyyyy !

This week-end was really emotional for me as we celebrated the ???? birthday of my mother 
(I honestly can't remember how old she is....)
She is an inspiration to me and I am grateful that within the years she endured my crazy self and loved me unconditionally xo. 

I had the mission to take her out on a mother-daughter day while my sisters were organizing everything at my house without her knowing it and this is what I decided to wear for our breakfast-spa-party day !

Obviously I had to pull my '' MOM I AM COLD TAKE THE PICTUREEEEEE'' face... (lolll)

Then pretend that it was 20 degrees outside and smile for the camera fashionistaproblems

H&M Blazer Coat
American Apparel Silk Blouse 
American Eagle Distressed Jeans
DeuxLux Make Up Case (Used as a clutch)
NineWest Heels

Have a blessed week ! 

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  1. I really love this outfit - everything about it is just gorgeous!