Superfluous X Beyondthe-lens::: Photoshoot

On November 30th, I styled my first MAJOR photo shoot. The process was EXTREMELY stressful. Between going to school, study, finish essays, think about a theme, e-mail a thousand people, getting pulls, speeding on the road, getting a ticket; I managed to get this done.

Adam Thaubert (founder of Superfluous) and me agreed on creating a 90's / Poetic Justice/ Vintage / Janet Jackson meets the urban Aaliyah (lol) theme and wanted to portray the image of a strong, spiritual, independent yet vulnerable woman.

With the help of my AMAZING assistant Rhianna Reynolds and my model Yasmine who was already naturally gorgeous, we created 3 different make-up looks.

This look was created with MAC Products
We decided to amplify her eyebrows
Little mascara
We played A LOT with contouring,
Added the MAC Extra-Dimension SkinFinish
Finished with MAC Chili lipstick
Created a sleek middle part hairstyle

With look 2, we had the same base but decided to soften the contour a little
The lipstick used was MAC Diva but we cheated a little and added a MAC Brown Pencil
We kept the middle part but did a low back ponytail

The goal with look 3 was to create a 'natural' look with a LOTS of bronzer and contouring
We darkened her eyebrows again to create a mysterious vibe
Added a nude eyeshadow and used MAC Twig for the lips

Behind the scene pictures were taken with my Iphone,
CANNOT WAIT to see the final result !

A special thank you to SuperfluousClothing, Citizen Vintage, GhubarMagazine and Aldo Group

Stay tuned...


  1. What a gorgeous model and the styling is really good as well, I'm loving the vest top