Photoshoot Make-up Review ::: Secret Kiss Lipsticks

Hi dolls,

This make-up was created by Francisca Rojas Hevia 
She used an AMAZING technique called contouring to highlight certain parts of the face.

She wanted at first to put a big line of eyeliner but dismissed the idea because it would have a ''trashy'' feel to the shoot so she decided instead to amplify the model's eyebrows.

Our biggest shoot crush was not only the model but these crazy statement lipsticks that were given to me by a good friend of mine. 
The texture has a nice satin feel and the color is easier to remove then I thought. 
Pigments are INCREDIBLE and can last long 

*The products used were a mixed of MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, KatVonD box collection and l'Oreal
*The make up was applied with MAC brushes
(This is an unmodified picture)

You guys know me, I HAD TO TRY THEM ON!!!
 Of all the colors, my crush goes out to the blue.
 DO NOT attempt on a regular day but having these on your lips while going out can be a MAJOR APPROUVED statement !

Hope that you could re-create them at home! 

Buy them here: Secret Kiss Lipsticks

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