Beauty Bar::: Lavish Hair Canada Montly Review and Protecting your hair against cold weather

Living in Canada can not only be harsh for you skin but your hair as well. I noticed that the more cold it was outside, the more dry my hair would get. I did some researches and came to the conclusion that Argan Oil was my way to go. 

Now, since I am wearing extensions, I did not want to dip them in real oil so I decided to go for the spray and the perfect edges pomade to keep my leave out (real hair) strong 

  • The Hello Hydration from Herbal Essence is A MUST ! I actually found a GIGANTIC bottle at Dollamara for 2$ (TOTAL STEAL)
  • Hair Fertilizer is good to keep your real hair hydrated while sporting a weave. Use it twice a week

 Here is my hair after my homemade treatment: Looks healthy, bouncy, still no shredding, I get compliments every day and almost feel bad that I have such gorgeous hair and it's not even mine ;)

Hair was curled with a Curling Wand Iron, took me 10 minutes then brushed them

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