SMM24::: Day 1 Recap

DRAMA is an attitude that slides through my veins. 
DRAMATIC is the situations that surrounds me when the time is not right.
Yesterday was DRAMATIC!!!

From forget my camera battery in my charger at home to having a DYING iPhone that took CRAPPY pictures, I managed to finish SMM24 Day 1 in peace with myself. Everything that could go wrong WENT wrong. Now is just the time to laugh about it and show you some pictures !!!!

Lavenders...Shades of Grey... A total Wo(men)'s world.
Clothing were simple but thank god for the fur add-ons who created a much more luxurious and sophisticated look to the collection

Pedram Karimi:
People who take risks inspire me.
He took us to another world by presenting what I always believed about fashion: There should not be limitations about men or women's clothing. From the hats to the shoes to the do-it-like-a-boy look, Pedram Karimi understood what avant-gardist fashion lovers wanted to see.
Androgynous at its BEST.

 The opening video is a girl that dives into the water and becomes a boy. VERY CLEVER.

Videos are crappy (thanks to Apple)

Melissa Nepton:  
I was very happy about this collection which BY THE WAY started with a girl wearing sweat pants with heels which I was ALSO wearing (thank me later please...)
She gave us joggings, oversize and fluid clothing and a little bit of boobs which is always good.
Collection that is very wearable and will charm many of her fan base. 

PS: The fur clutchs were TO-DIE-FOR *takes out the credit card*

Nadya Toto:
This collection was very safe and had that Forever 21 feel which I did not enjoy. Some pieces had the chance to stand-out but I was over the tight spandex flower dresses realllllllly quickly. Was expecting a MUCH MORE softer look for hair, the shoes that were picked were VERY tacky and gave an enourmous hassle to the models who had to walk in a weird way. 
No innovation there but this baroque inspired collection will hopefully find a fan-base because I am not one of them. 

Photo credits: Marc Yound and Journal de Montreal

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