Vintage-Inspired Shoot ::: 7 hours of fashion cohesion

Hello world !!!!!!!
Two weeks ago, I posted a pre-fitting of an upcoming shoot 
WELL,  the day finally came and THANK GOD WE SURVIVED. 
It was one of the most stressful shoots I EVER styled but we made it happen as a team !

4 models, a tone of different looks, hair and make-up, making sure everything was PICTURE PERFECT all this within 7 hours !!!!

(Here is an AMAZING video of one of the photoshoot) 

We finished the lookbook of an upcoming Vintage Shop in Montreal thanks to 4 AMAZING models, a tone of different looks, hair and make-up and a CRAZY photographer. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@thefashionistak) you probably had the behind the scene overload of pictures that I posted (soooorry lol !)

If you don't you can still spy on my crazy life thanks to my InstagramMadness section !!! 
( See, I have love and compassion for those BlackBerry users too ;) 

 These items will be on sale pretty soon. I'll keep all my fashionista readers updated (pinky swear) !


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