Beauty Bar VIDEO:::: Lavish Hair Canada + Goodies Review

Hello dolls !

Special review today, I AM GOING VIRAAAAAAL 
Ok, honestly doing a video was the most STRESSFUL thing ever but I hope it was useful

Video is in French, sorry to my UK readers, next time, 
(if there's one, it will be in english pinky swear)

B  E  A  U  T  Y   B  A  R :  :  :  : 

Beauty Bar ::: Lavish Hair and product review from Laeticia Kass on Vimeo.

S E L F I E  T I M E ::::::

Nacara Victoria/ MAC NW45 Liquid Foundation
MAC NW40 Concealer 
Sephora Sahara Highlighter 
MAC EyeLashes
MAC Blush 'Blunt'
Secret Kisses Blue Lipstick 
Lavish Hair Canada Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair

Enjoy !

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