Back to flat :: Houndstooth and Cow Prints ?

Reading this fabulous article ManRepellerBacktoFlat from one of the most inspirational blogger ever made be literally question the shoe rules of fashion. Back in the days, to be picture perfect, a blogger had to put an emphasize on the heels she was wearing. Everywhere she would go, people would expect her to sport heels. THANK GOD, such critical expectation totally changed and runways are supporting the trend !

OK I am not gonna lie, heels make you feel invincible. Looking at the world from such high perspective until the #omgicantfeelmytoes starts to kick in while still trying to look pretty (GUILTY) ! Somewhere in the rules of #FASHUN heels were a part of the dress code...not anymore said #everybloggerwhowentthroughattrociouspain ! (and you know how bloggers love to dictate stuff)

Zara Blazer
Vintage Houndstooth Silk Shirt 
Zara Black Pants
Shelly London Oxfords  

F L A T S  2 0 1 3  T R E N D 

Photos from ManRepeller.com

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  1. OMG I LOVE these, especially the first 3! Did you catch which line those are from?