How to look great on a budget

Let's all be honest, fashion can DEFINITELY become expensive with time. By limiting yourself, you could still be able to pull of amazing looks without having no cents in your wallet 
(been there, done that !)
Here is some tips that will hopefully help you out: 

Never but an outfit with asking yourself if it fits with at least 3 items of your wardrobe
TO DO LIST: Create a list of the different outfits you can put with the item you want to purchase. 

Always buy something that will give you a possibility to recreate many looks. A white t-shirt, skinny jeans, cute clutch and an amazing pair of shoes will NEVER go out of style.
TO DO LIST: Buying a blazer is an investment that will AWAYS give that sexiness to your outfits

I know that slidding your card will hurt your heart but my mom ALWAYS told be that I should rather buy something of QUALITY that will last long then something cheaply manufactured that will ripped apart within a month. Once you follow that lesson, you will be even more proud of the clothes you own. 
TO DO LIST: Look for statement pieces that will give that humph to any outfit 

This is the most untapped resource that a lot of people forget. You could find amazing gear at a ridiculous price. The only warning that I can give is to go there with a creative and open mind otherwise you will end up with nothing. 
TO DO LIST : Saint-Laurent street in Montreal 

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