New York Flow::: Chunky Statement Necklace

I am back at it !

First off, it's crazy how a trip could change a person' sense of style. My friends made me realized that since I got back from NYC, I started to dress REALLY urban/androgynous/RihannaMeetsSolange/typeofgirl

What a better way of accepting this new statement than to buy a chunky statement necklace to show the world how urban i've become (Thanks NYC !)

American Apparel Gray Tshirt
Up the Amp MAC Lipstick
A JC box, (Yeah, we snap pictures while serving customers too..)

Seriously, i've been wanting a chain like this FOREVER and gladly found it at Aldo Accessoires Downtown Montreal ! For 30$ and since I am not a really accessories type of chick, this was all I needed to complete my new urban outfits !

Any thoughts ? 

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