Kidult X Celine T-Shirt

If you never heard about Kidult, you are not living in the same planet as me. 

Being recognized for being an anti-fashion victim and going to war with different luxurious brand, Kidult surely made a name for himself. 

Born in Paris but now living in New York, he 'vandalized' some of the most fashion lucrative stores of America such as Supreme, Marc Jacobs, YSL and more. His message is clear: Spraying the truth about street art and denouncing the fact that 'graffiti' t-shirts have been taken by major brands for commercial purpose.

Everything got heated when he decided to spray the Marc Jacobs store in New York and the company thought that it was so artsy that they made a t-shirt of it at the cost of 698$ 

Kidult decided to REPRODUCE the same shirt and sell it on his website for free. The war between fashion big names and this kid from Paris was declared as he continued to do the same with brands that he previously attacked. 

I got the chance to be one of the 50 persons WORLDWIDE to have the opportunity to receive a KIDULT X Celine T- Shirt and I am trully EXCITED. People might not be OK with the way he is proceeding but I personally believe that his message makes sense. We are in a World where people would pay a fortune to buy a cotton t-shirt with a brand on it and it is not right and since I proclaim myself the fashionista of sales, I will be MORE than honored to wear his t-shirt


I will ABSOLUTELY keep you guys updated as soon as a receive my package. 
Check out his blog: KIDULTONE

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