Macaroni Bar::: St-Laurent, Montreal

Hi dolls !

Today's post is about Macaroni Bar in Montreal. I personally heard so much good feedbacks about this place but left unpleasantly surprised. 

I decided to go really minimalistic yet sophisticated at the same time. I was cold as hellll, but everybody know that I would do anything in the name of fashion (please, don't judge me lol). 


I decided to sleek my new short hair-do. My make up was more intense as usual since I got to experiment my new contour blush that take 10 pounds away from my face... Lord, M.A.C will always be winning... 


NW45 Foundation MAC
Sephora Concealer
Fever Blush MAC 
Blunt Contour Blush MAC
Glorify Skinfinish highlight MAC
Chili Lipstick MAC 

I was invited to a birthday dinner yesterday and my first impression was really good. Cosy ambiance, nice music, grown people; the place had everything to make me fall in love... until we got to the table. Call me picky, princess or whatever but waiting more than an hour to get a plate of food is UNACCEPTABLE. 

(Salmon Tartar of my friend, it was yummy I will not lie...)

What frustrated me the most was my waitress telling me that it was coming but 15 minutes later....40 minutes later, nothing. I will not blame it on her because I have to admit that I was in a rush (4 chapters of Microeconomics were waiting for me at home) but the point is that if a customer tells you that she's in a rush and would like to have her main plate at the same time as other people's appetizer, please do so. 

Had a great night regardless of the fact that I left without eating and only a glass of Rosé in my stomach.... (don't get fooled by the smiles on my pictures, please lol) 

Simons Boyfriend Fit Black Blazer
Costa Blanca blouse
American Apparel Trousers
Zara Bag
My eternal Aldo choker

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