And the winner was....Miss Afrique 2013 :: Behind the scene

Aminata Sierra Leone

The worst nightmare for a photographer and a blogger is to lose a memory card. With that being said LOL I can only present you a 
Behind The Scene access of the Miss Afrique Montreal 2013 who took place last Saturday (Feb 23th 2013)

As my first year attending this show, I was blown away by how professional people treated us backstage. The organization was beyond sharp and you could feel the passion in everybody's eye. The passion to succeed and give the best pageant ever. 
 This show gave a reflection on the African woman in our society. 
It made me laugh, made me want to cry, made me proud and more.
Every girl portrayed something different but the thing that came across the most was the simple idea that we , as African women from this century, need to stay united and excel together.
Mission accomplished. 

Photo Credit: Rachel S. Photography

This was MORE than your normal beauty pageant
It was A MUST. I learned SO MUCH about other countries in Africa but mostly, I had the chance to interview girls with AMAZING personalities and hearts. 

Since Fashion is so close to my heart, here is a video of Nahema, Miss R.D.C presenting for the first time her collection

Credit: Lounge Urbain 

Thanks to the organization to give GhubarMagazine the opportunity to experience such INCREDIBLE event
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W  H  A  T   W  A  S   I    W  E  A  R  I  N  G 

Since we lost all the pictures of me modeling for that camera (LOL) 
I can only give you a low quality IPhone 4S Picture

I decided to mix 3 trends together: Military, Prints and Neon.

Vest H&M
Jumper worn as a shirt ZARA

I  N  S  P  I  R  A  T  I  O  N  S  : : : : 

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