AMA BlackExpoDesign2013

Hii dolls,
This weekend was an absolute FASHION OVERLOAD!!!
The first even I attended was the second edition of AMA BlackExpoDesign2013

I got approached by Sonia Aicha, logistic member of the AMA committee to attend this event and honestly, I had NO IDEA what to expect. 

was glad to see people dressed so NICE and charmed by the amazing environment that the Loft Hotel in Montreal is. 

Even though the event had some little coordination problems and I expected much more people to come, I was glad to discover emerging ''afro'' designers 
PS: All the models looked STUNNING !!!!! 

Photos Credit: Rachel Photography

W H A T  T H E  H E L L  W A S  I  W E A R I N G :::: 

I wanted a Calvin Klein meets Solange Knowles look.
I opted for the monochrome look with 
my 3 favourites colors combined (Black, Grey and White)

Simmons Boyfriend Fit Blazer 
American Apparel 50/50 Grey Shirt ( AMAZING FITTING!!)
Zara Trousers ( SALE 19$)
H&M Strappy Sandals 
Vintage White Satchel from Bluecord 
Weave from LavishHairCanada (I am so wrong for this..LOL)

I N S P I R A T I O N ::::

B E A U T Y  B A R ::::

MACCosmetics Foundation NW45
MACCosmetic Powder NW45
MACCosmetics Concealer NW40
MACCosmetics Blush Blunt
MACCosmetics Chilli Lipstick 
Rimmel Superlashes Mascara

Saw this photos when I was debating between wearing my 
Chilli lipstick or going with Ruby Woo (MACCosmetic language)

I knew that the Orange agaisnt my dark skin and the crispy white would create and AMAZING contrast. 

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