Montreal Artistic Discoveries::: February Melting-Pot

As a blogger, I am always looking for the next thing that will caught my eyes. 
Fashion and music (my two passions) can artistically compliment each other pretty well and Montreal has a LOAD of unknown talent waiting to be given a shot. 

 J .  O   T  H  E   C O  R  R  U  P  T  E  D 

If you don't know him by now, let me tell you that he is DEFINITELY someone to WATCH. 
After griding and rapping for 2 years, J.O The Corrupted is presenting a musical production created by his crew TheHurryUp
 The producer Prince, created an outside the box piece with an old school-back-in-the-days almost Jazzy feel. 

N  E  W   R  E  G  I  M  E  

I talked about them a few times on my blog but honestly they are giving me a reason to.
They recently released a series of short artistic commercials and HONESTLY, the visuals BLEW ME AWAY.

I ADORE the 'Vintage Polaroid' feeling that we get from it, the aesthetic, the mystery behind the no words commercial, EVERYTHING IS ON POINT.

 K  A  Y  T  R  A  N  A  D  A

Can someone say OBSESSED ?

Kaytranada is a Montreal based producer that creates beats in a mystique almost STRANGE way with the right amount of Hip-Hop, Trap and sometimes a little House feel.
I am an instrumental person and when beats are giving me life >>>>>>


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