Lumière Sur La Beauté :: Web-episode

Hi dolls, 

This week I had the chance to be appart of an AMAZING project with a skincare/makeup company called 
''Au Palais de la Beauté'' 

We filmed one of many series of upcoming WebTv Episode who will be featured on Au Palais De La Beauté (facebook page) and their website who is in working progress. 

The ' Lumière Sur La Beauté ' web-series will be presenting discussions, makeup tutorials and many more...

You can still get in touch with Princess Nifah, makeup entrepreneur who did my FABOLOUS makeup for the occasion through Facebook
Au Palais De la Beauté Facebook Page
Watch all the ' Lumière sur la Beauté ' episode on Youtube: 
Photos Credit; Rachel Photography

I'll leave you with behind the scene pictures taken with my crappy Iphone and will be posting the video as soon as I can get my hands on it (pinky swear !!!!)

I was wearing: 
Editorial Oversized Knit Shirt (Blue and Gold)
Zara Skinnies
H&M ColorBlocking Sandals 
Aldo necklace 

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