NYFW ::: Fashionista celebration, Free champagne, goody bags and shit.

New York Fashion Week is like a celebration for all the fashionistas in the world. Having alll the attention in the world because bloggers are fighting to snap a picture of you, assisting shows and realizing that you may be sitting next to a girl who has your dream job, getting free champagne during parties......... 

The list is long but you get the point: Any fashionista's dream to be apart of such celebration. I am not. But I will cheer myself up with these pictures and dream that I was somewhere in between the you-made-it-row and the who-are-you (which is probably wayyyyy in the back). Offf to the pictures I shall present:

 P H I L L I P  L I M

  P R A B A L  G U R U N G

 A L E X A N D E R  W A N G

 H E L M U T  L A N G

  T H E Y S K E N S  T H E O R Y
 Photos: Courtesy of Ghubar Magazine

I will FOREVER be apart of the WANGGANG but surprisingly, many designers such as Helmut Lang and Phillip Lim cherished the minimalist in me...

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