SMM24::: Day 2 Recap

Hello dolls !
Fashion week was over really quickly for me (university duties) as I only manage to cover Day 1 & 2
School and blogging together is getting harder by the minute thanks to a LOT of upcoming projects. I won't complain this is the life I chose and I love it. OK offff to the show reviews

R A L P H  L E R O Y  :
The first show of the night was by designer Ralph Leroy.
 Everybody was telling me, you'll see he has AMAZING collections but honestly I was absolutely not impressed. Here's the thing about Montreal; Critics are not harsh enough. It is not by congratulating something that was average that you give the designer a chance to be BETTER in his craft. And bringing Will Smith was amazing for my eyes, but that's the problem. As soon as I spotted him in he crowd, I stopped paying attention to the show..... you know why (gorgeeeeouuuuus...)

(Major distraction over here...)
Here is a clip of the dance part of the fashion show:

M A R T I N  L I M : 
I had the chance to meet the dynamic duo back in July (Festival de Mode et Design de Montreal) 
and I was looking forward to see them after looking at the line-up.
They ABSOLUTELY did not disappoint. From the movement of the clothes, to the choice of the colors in the collection, they found a way to portray the sophisticated fashionista of 2013. 
The show was captivating, innovative and very trendy !

M O N T R E A L   F A S H I O N I S T A (O) S
 After the show I had the chance to chit-chat and meet with fellow fashionista(o) bloggers...
Christian Atanga

Here are my Instagram pictures of the shows: (@thefashionistak)

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