B*tch dont kill my vibe ::: OOTD

I shall now go back to be the blogger that I am and get rid of my joggings-Chucks combo ( yes, it got real...)

Anyone noticed my new monochrome pattern ? Who said that dressing in black and white was a boring combination ?! 
*runs to stores to change wardrobe with invisible money*

Leaving you on flicks taken the day of the Lavish Hair Canada shoot. I wish I could do a post about how it went down but my professional duties are forcing me to remain quiet.. 
My expression below CLEARLY shows how happy of the results I was.. To be continued... 

Vintage Leather Perfecto
American Apparel 50|50 Cotton Shirt 
Zara Trousers 
Vintage Bag
MissCocotte Necklace
LaLaYeah ring 
Nike Air Dunk 

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