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Hi dolls ! I receive a lot of goodies in the mail and test them for you to have an idea of the best products in my opinion. Here are my thumbs up of the week:

J U L E P  N A I L  B E A U T Y  B O X : : : : 

W H A T  I S  I T ? 
 Julep Nail Box 

F O R  W H O  ?
Nail polish addicts like myself 

 W H A T ' S  I N S I D E ?
2 nail-polishes, a remover and a hand scrub 

P R O S ?
The box matches your personality, super girly and the hand scrub is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 

C O N S ?
Nail polishes are the size of a sample item
15$ a month while I can buy a nailpolish load on special at the pharmacy
Shipping take foreveeeeer (2 weeks) 

C L E A R L Y  C O N T A C T S  C A N A D A : : : : 

W H A T  I S  I T ?
Company that offers a variety of glasses and eye contacts 

F O R  W H O ?
People like myself who are BLIND AS HELL (lol) of just want to switch their style up 

 W H A T ' S  I N S I D E ? 
A pair of quality glasses, a cleaner, satin tissue and my FAVOURITE  a metal stick to tighten the nails of your glasses !!!!! 

P R O S ?
Get your first pair free with coupon code !!!

C O N S ? 
Wish they had more high brand selections
Sending way too much confirmation emails upon purchase...


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