My "OVERALL(S)" LOOK (no pun intended)

The idea of a sexy outfit would be to throw overalls in your look.
The day I made that realization was the same day I knew and understood that my boy-ish ways could never be cured. 

Some might consider them as the most repelling outfit a girl can wear but, I somehow find they extremely sexy.... They give you a sense of confidence that was previously not always available in your daily life and let's be honest, if you can rock overalls, you can probably rock ANYTHING in your near future..

Zara Boyfriend Fit Overalls 
American Apparel Tshirt 
Guess Shoes 
Mango Clutch (9.99$ MAJOR STEAL)

I  N  S  T  A  G  R  A  M    M  O  M  E  N  T  :  :  :  : 
Simons Boyfriend Fit Blazer
Kidult Celine Paris Tee
Zara Overalls
Doc Martens

I  N  S  P  I  R  A  T  I  O  N  :  :  :  :

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