Back to School ::: Survival Guide 101

Am I the only one who feels like summer was too fast for their likings? 
Between working, visiting family members, travelling, all our lives have now to come to a deadly end and follow the plan that civilization wants us to take: SCHOOL ! 

For years I studied without really understanding where these algebra formulas would take me (really tho ?!) and came to the realization that school prepares your for lifetime situations. With that being said, let's all dust our books and pencil cases and attack this new semester in style OF COURSE with these 5 promises: 

1. I promise not to skip a class in order to sleep...
2. I promise to focus on my books and not my cellphone...
3. I promise to do my best to keep calm ESPECIALLY toward my surroundings..
4. I promise to study hard and party harDER (weekends only..)
5. I promise to learn and make it the best learning experience of my life.

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