Put down the mascara, ladies. No really. It's officially a trend.
Nowhere was this more apparent than at yesterday's Spring 2014 Balmain show during Paris Fashion Week. Even though the trend started with Alexander Wang in New York, designers continued to send their models down the runway wearing little more than a dab of concealer.
Don't believe me? Watch this.. 

B A L M A I N : : :
 A LE X A N D E R  W A N G : : : 

 P R O E N Z A S H O U L E R : : : 
Photos from Huffpost.com

Will I be appart of the fashionistas embracing there inner natural self? Errrrr...  
I think that the initiave is AMAZING but sadly, the world we live in can be harsh especially on women trying hard to love themselves. We were not all born with a Joan Smalls perfection skin but I guess this is just the way of the fashion industry to be more connected to their customers, which is something to applaud

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  1. brrrraaaaaveeee.

    theyre all gorgeous anyway though =)