Isabel Marant X H&M Media Pre-Shopping Event

Collaborations between designers and accessible brands is always a fun thing. 
The Isabel Marant X H&M was creating a buzz ever since pictures of the collection were leaked and fashionista(o)s couldn't wait any longer to get their hands on some one of a kind pieces

I have to tell you that I was not expecting what happened yesterday and words are not even strong enough to describe the madness in the H&M in Montreal. Medias, stylists and bloggers attacked the collection and racks were cleared in a matter of 10 mins... literally. 

It actually reminded me of THIS EPIC video:

No kidding. 
After realizing that this event was a Battle of the titans and only the strong would survive, I managed to follow the sellers in hope of seeing any clothes coming back from the fitting room and ....
 FOUND the item of my dreams !!!! 

(This picture does not do justice to the amount of insanity in the store)

Special thank you yo Zoï Agency for giving me the opportunity of attending the event.
Wanna know what a purchased? Take a guess from my Wish List
Love, xo. 
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