Solange Knowles in Montreal :: Le Belmont

My excitation was going insane as I was heading to a last-minute Solange Knowles concert in Montreal !
Thanks to the WeDemand crew, I had the opportunity of seeing my fashionista of ALL TIME
and let me tell you that she DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Sporting her signature braids, she danced on stage to the point where the strap of her crop-top popped off leaving us to wonder is we where going to see a Janet Jackson boob scandal part 2 

She made the crowd vibe with her genuine spirit and AMAZING BANNNND !!!
Leaving you on Instagram videos of what happened last night...


I was wearing 
H&M Tshirt
Zara Blazer 
Levis Vintage Shorts

Pshhhhh: Turban Tutorial Soon on the blog, Stay tuned !!!!

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