How did a private school tartan skirt enlightened my fashion life

Growing up, I would always get mad everytime my mom would dress my older sister and I alike. That frustration grew even more when she decided to send me to an all-girls private school. At the time, it was (and I quote) ''a direspect towards my creativity''.
I always hated to look like everybody else.

 When I graduated, all I wanted was to burn my school skirt, which was, in my eyes, the ultimate symbol of my teenager's oppression life. 

 I can now say that keeping it definitely enlightened my current fashion life for the following reasons:

1. Everytime I look at it and get flashbacks of how teachers would force me to pull it down because it was so short
It forces me to remind myself that the  ''shorty slutty look'' is not the way to go 
2. This skirt is a symbol of the patience I had in order to survive in a school full of conceited girls
(a quality that will help me in the fashion world)
3. Tartan is timeless. Vintage is awesome

Zara Blazer
Zara Cardigan
Vintage Villa Maria Tartan skirt
H&M Tights 
Aldo shoes 

 I N S P I R A T I O N : : :

Photo Cred: Vogue, Teen Vogue, Le21ème

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