The Perfect Man or the Perfect Jeans

Leandra Medine from ManRepeller wrote:
''A good man is hard to find but arguably more difficult could be the ineffectual result of what seems like every woman’s interminable search for the perfect pair of jeans''. 

Being a single girl who recently found THE ultimate pair of jeans gives me no choice but to agree with such statement.
 Looking for a pair of jeans is like looking for a boyfriend: you lurk in places you never though you would look, you get envious at other people happiness, you get mad, start to question yourself.. but you ultimately believe that hope is somewhere near the corner... 

BE HAPPY and get the best of both worlds: A pair of boyfriend jeans  ;)
(excuse my sense of humor) 

Zara Blazer
H&M Shirt 
Zara Overalls
Zara heels 

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